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Build it and they will come

In medical tourism’s “Field of Dreams”, the mantra of “Build it and they will come” has become a well worn phrase often heard at conferences and promoted too frequently by advisers and consultants. Ian Youngman from IMTJ debunks the myth. Read moreRead more


Weight Loss to Treat Herniated Disc Pain

It’s a common misconception that a herniated disc automatically means you’ll need spine surgery. But that’s not true: Just because you have a herniated disc doesn’t guarantee you need surgery. Read moreRead more


Medical tourism – the view from ten thousand feet

American academic Professor Glenn Cohen has been investigating some ignored legal aspects of medical tourism from the USA. ‘Medical tourism: the view from 10,000 feet’ is a short paper in leading bioethics journal the Hastings Center Report. A longer just-published paper in the Iowa Law Review is ‘Protecting patients with passports: medical tourism and the patient protective argument’. Read moreRead more


Want To Be Sexy? Improve Your Oral Hygiene

If you’re thinking about being romantic tonight, you might want to make sure your oral hygiene is in check. Based on a new survey, oral hygiene is significantly preferred over the traditional romantic overtures to set the mood, such as dimming the lights, lighting candles, wearing perfume or playing romantic music. Read moreRead more


USA: Americans drastically reduce spending on healthcare

Two new reports show that the recession has hit American healthcare spending hard. Many Americans are cutting back on medical treatment spending and use of medical spas. While the medical travel industry often argues that high costs of medical treatment in the US will mean more Americans travel abroad for treatment, the reports suggest that it is not a case of looking for cheaper treatment, but deciding not to have treatment at all or delaying treatment. Tourism figures also show that fewer Americans are travelling overseas for any reason. Read moreRead more